Sin City (2005)

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An All Star cast ranging from Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba to Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson, this movie isn’t lacking in stars. It also isn’t lacking in originality, with a large part of the movie having been shot on green screens and the backgrounds added in, the black and whites are rich and reflective, and the colors are so vibrant. This movie has a true comic book feel, with the graphic silhoutte shots, and the exaggeration in the fighting and car chases.

Having said that, I didn’t enjoy this movie. I have gone back and forth on why I feel let down. I knew going in that it was going to be close to an exact translation of three of Frank Miller’s bodies of work, Yellow Bastard, The Big Fat Kill, and Sin City (the graphic novel). I knew it was going to be violent, and although it was probably less than the novels, that isn’t saying much. The lack of color helps make it seem a little less gruesome, but the sounds more than make up for it.

Being an artist, I would hate to have my original ideas butchered just to be on the big screen. But at the same time, wouldn’t you want your work to be entertaining? I didn’t think this movie was that at all. I thought it felt long, and like I said, it was cool to see the comic book come to life. This is an extreme case where I don’t know how you could modify it even just a little to make it more entertaining. It just is a very dark, graphic story about the evils of booze, hookers, passion, and death.

If you are a comic book guy, see this, or you enjoy those types of movies. But this is graphic, and I don’t think really appeals to a mass audience. This movie is truly panel for panel from the comic book.

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