Taxi (2004)

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I was worried this would be done, thankfully it was another free rental.

Starring Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifa, Jennifer Esposito, and model Gisele Bundchen, this movie is about a need for speed female taxi driver and stupid reckless cop. They hook up, become buddies somehow, and decide through all odds to try to stop four models from robbing banks. (Bundchen)

From a stupid guy’s standpoint, it was fun to watch these sharp shooting fast driving models from Germany, but that was about it. I laughed maybe twice, and although it wasn’t SNL Fallon (giggles and twitchy) it was a different but not improved Fallon on screen (twitchy and trying to act like some cocky kindy of purposely goofy cop). Plus, Queen Latifa is like the “token” commentary on everything and you get sick of her in about five minutes.

Don’t see this. It sucked.

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