Walking Tall (2004)

Walking TallThree and a Half Stars

Starring The Rock, Johnny Knocksville, and Neal McDonough this is a remake of an older movie. The idea is that The Rock was in the armed service for eight years, and when he comes back, he finds his home town overrun with gambling, drugs, and prostitution. The law is in on it, so he decides to take the law into his own hands and set things right.

I like The Rock. He isn’t a bad actor. He’s better than Vin Diesel that is for sure. I don’t like that this is another movie where he just doesn’t use guns for some divine reason. But, he does use a huge piece of cedar to beat the crap out of everyone, so I liked that. McDonough is great, haunting eyes and the perfect corrupt business man.

There are a good many parts that will make you go, “Yeah Right” but I knew that coming in and I don’t care. It is a good popcorn movie with good action and a fallible hero with some good humor with both The Rock and Knocksville. I recommend this to most people, most of my friends, but I know that my any of my parents would not like it, and most people I know over 35.

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