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Location : Grand Haven, MI

I went into this comic store soon after I started collecting for my first pass in the sixth grade. They would have great sales on books I was looking for, and the whole experience was generally upstanding. But I was young, and at the time, two chronic smokers that were in their 120’s didn’t bother me. The store moved within one strip mall four times, and I grew tired of the old owners.

Eventually the store was bought out by two other guys. They are two individuals who treat their customers like they don’t need the business. I had orders that were not fulfilled, without a explanation as to why or a notification that I wouldn’t be getting my books, and they ran the store with the idea that every person in the universe loved role playing games with figures. I know that comic stores can be a little quirky, but do believe customer service should come first, and here it comes last. It is truly a store owned by two guys living their dream, and their dream is to try to make money playing with tiny painted characters all day long, and ignore everyone else from the genre. Not good business sense.

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Oh, my God – I think I’ve been there before. Is that place near Lansing? I have a friend who lives in Lansing, and he’s into RPG’s. We went to a comic store that was owned by some friends of his, where they were holding an RPG in the basement that night. That looks *exactly* like the place I went to.

I don’t remember the two owners being fat slobs though – they were really skinny, and one of them owned a rat.

Small world!

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You know, I wrote this review a long time ago, and felt like it needed some revising.

Lansing is about 2 hours east of Grand Haven.

Now, this is not the same place you are talking about, because I have also been to the comic book store on MSU’s campus in Lansing. I remember that guy with a pet rat. You never know what you find when you go into a comic book store:)

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