Cinderella Man (2005)

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I am the type of viewer that the big studios dream about. This movie made me cry, I got wrapped up in the heroically slanted story, the little guy vs. the big guy during the worst time in America, the whole bit.

Russell Crowe plays James Braddock, who after breaking his hand and being finished, banned from boxing, manages to rise to the top. Old and tired, Russell Crowe looked every bit the part, battered, beaten up, and just tossed around by life. But he wins three fights over boxers younger and bigger than him. Not gracefully, sometimes punch by punch, but he does it. Then in the end, he beats the big cocky, psuedo boxer of a man Max Baer, who spends more time strutting around the ring and swinging huge rights than actually dancing like a boxer should and trying to actually fight.

Everyone should see this movie. Renee Zellwegger does a decent job, but I think I am about all out on her squinty, beaten down girl part. Paul Giamatti is fantastic. He is the coach that you want in your corner, and the guy that once he started to believe in Braddock again, didn’t let him down. Don’t forget the huge brute who plays Baer, Craig Bierko, the most familiar looking giant you’ve never heard of and has never been in anything notable.

Ron Howard knew how to make this story about fighting for something bigger than yourself, and you will leave wanting more.

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Great review of a great movie.

This type of ”hero film” is the only kind of film that really chokes me up (I was the same way with Gladiator).. It”s a movie where the man is strong and doesn”t back down, his women is strong (in a different way) and yet supportive, and the sidekick knows his role and doesn”t let the hero down. The fact that it”s based on a true story is even better.

The fight scenes were incredible. And it gives us as close of a look at the Depression days as you can get without actually being there. It makes you appreciate what you”ve got.

I hate giving out 5”s but it”s as close as you could come to a 5 star without actually being one.

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