Get Shorty (1995)

Rothe Blog Get ShortyThree and a Half Stars

This is the second time I saw this movie, and I liked it better this time.

Kind of random, John Travolta is a Shilok, who is hunting down a target in Hollywood, when he gets into the throw of the movie business. As he meets different people trying to find his target, from Gene Hackman (B-Movie Director), Rene Russo (B-Movie Actress), to Danny Devito (Big time actor), he slowly becomes intertwined with local extortion and other shady dealings.

But it isn’t a heavy movie. It is very light and really funny with a ton of attitude. John Travolta is trying to intimidate people, and most of the time it works, but he is surrounded by people, who live in the movie capital of the world who have no cajones. Sarcastic, and a little campy, there were some extremely funny parts in this movie.

But it isn’t something I would recommend to people to watch a lot of times. There is only so much of the “Italian Gansta” type of talk that one person can take.

But to see John grab an ex-stuntman by the crotch and throw him down a flight of stairs is pretty humorous.

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