The Longest Yard (2005)

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I won’t pretend to be ignorant to the fact that this movie is a remake, and I won’t claim it was better, but it was really darn funny and entertaining.

Starring Adam Sandler and some of his Happy Madison crew, this movie is about a football star who is sent to prison, and there he leads a misfit bunch of enormous criminals to victory over the very good guard football team of the Texas state prison.

I am not a freak about football, but I have come to love football movies. Something about over dramatized motion and large men works really well for the big screen. This movie is extremely funny without being really goofy or raunchy, it’s got some faily convincing acting except for the couple of forced and mushy parts mid way through the movie. ( although there is a part where one of Sandler’s reoccuring buddies gets to high powered footballs to the twig and berries). Even though I wouldn’t normally recommend this to my parents, I think my dad may find this amusing. Everyone else should see this. And if you are of the belief that “Burt Reynolds was the Brad Pitt of the 70’s”, then you will be glad to know that he is in this remake of the original he starred in over 20 years ago.

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