Ray (2004)

Rothe Blog RayFour and a Half Stars

Starring Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles Robinson, you would never know that it isn’t Charles himself. Instead you are slowly immersed into the character and the world that Ray feels because he is blind. The movie covers the different perspectives, from racism, to love, to moving around through a seeing man’s world and how it feels to be blind for all of those things.

I never thought much of Charles. He was a little bit before my time, and although I probably won’t start listening to his music now, the song he did with Billy Joel will have more meaning for me now. A well traveled, tortured musician who fell prey to heroin and adultery, this movie does not make him seem like a good guy by any definition of the word. It instead cuts Charles wide open until there is no where to hide. But you understand why he is the way he is, and you will empathize in one aspect or another by the end of the movie.

A truly great movie, it seems only fitting that Ray passed away just before it finished, so that his legendary status became complete. Not for children because of the drug use and mild sex scenes, I would recommend this movie to anyone, and everyone should see it.

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