Stealth (2005)

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Starring Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx and Sam Shepherd, I was expecting this one to be a “Bruckheimer-esqu” summer blockbuster, and it started off that with the intention to please.

As the movie progressed to the point where the AI flying fighter jet went wacko, things got really interesting. The whole movie kicked it up a notch, from average acting and buddy buddy scenes. Quick enough there is suspense, then Foxx dies, and the perfect pilots are in harm’s way and you are on the edge of your seat not knowing how they could possible win.

Jessica Biel is just soft enough to be female, without be stereotypically overboard as the fighting female pilot. Ripped and believable, she has a number of scenes where you forget she used to be on the WB and hot beautiful she is, and that she could actually be intelligent enough to be one of these elite fighters. Sam Shepard is the perfectly power war-hungry army stooge and bad guy, and Josh Lucas plays the main good guy with a great amount of zeal as well. Usually he is a baddie, so I was suprised, pleasantly, to see him in the lead role and not Foxx.

With bits of Behind Enemy Lines, and maybe even Saving Private Ryan, this has dazzling effects that fit the movie, but don’t go over the top. You feel the speed and taste the sky in some of the scenes, and the amazing camera work really give you a sense of what it is like up there and just adds to the danger and tension in most of the airborne scenes.

The “My Parents” rating – My Dad would like this, my Mom I think wouldn’t be able to believe that this fighter jet could think on it’s own. So, if you can believe that, and can sit through the first 30 minutes of the movie with a positive attitude, I think that most anyone would enjoy this movie. Not too violent, it was a summer movie with content and intelligence.

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