The Island (2005)

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Starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan MacGregor, directed by Michael Bay who brought us The Rock and other action packed movies, this one has a little bit more under the advertised surface.

In a Utopian society that is protected under the veil of a larger plague, a population of firmly controlled people believe themselves to be the last surviving members of the human race after a huge plague has swept the earth. Only the Island is the last remaining place that is not infected. Ewan MacGregor is the one person to question this, and many other things, and soon enough learns that The Island is a lie, and witnesses another survivor being dissected on an operating table.

Knowing he must escape, he takes Scarlett with him and on a breathtaking enthralling never ending chase scene, they brake out of the complex into the real world. As the movie progresses, we learn that the people at this facility are clones, paid for by wealthy individuals to prolong their own lives in case something goes wrong. Grown at the same age of life as the wealthy individuals, the clones serve as spare parts if needed.

The action in this movie is awesome, especially the scenes on the highway with the Train wheels. But the movie is kind of a commentary on life, cloning, and the human race and how it would evolve beyond anything science could ever anticipate in a

Because of some of the scenes that make you go, “Ouch! Damn”, I don’t think this is a movie I would watch over and over. But if you have a touch of an open mind, you may check this out. Action packed, different, and a bit philosophical, I think my dad might like it, but my mom would not. Strict conservatives stay away, but generation-x needs to see this one.

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