Red Eye (2005)

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Starring Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, and Brian Cox, Red Eye is a short compact fun thriller by Wes Craven that I could watch a bunch of times.

Right away Craven starts to layer in the underlying stories of each of the characters, mostly McAdams, a friendly manager at a high rolling hotel who is always trying to keep others happy. On a plane flight back from her grandmother’s funeral, she meets Murphy, who although creepy, serves as some company through the flight, which she is uneasy about.

We soon realize that Murphy wants something, and he takes McAdams hostage in her plane seat, anticipating her every move. Every attempt she makes to escape, or get help is thwarted until the end, until the plane lands. The only really graphic part of the movie, Adams jams a pen into his throat, and makes a run for it. Then Craven takes over with his signature Scream type style climax, with McAdams trying to save her father at her home, while trying to stop Murphy.

A good compact little thriller at just over and hour and twenty minutes, if you don’t like thrillers at all you won’t want to see this obviously, but even for me, I don’t like some thrillers, and this was the perfect mix, a more mainstream version. The acting is decent, McAdams is always ravishing and captivating, and Murphy has quickly established himself and the up and coming creepy psycho to watch. The dialogue and their interaction in the beginning isn’t awkward and forced, but when the plot escalates, it is enveloping.

I recommend this to almost anyone, it has a widespread appeal with a nice cast of actors.

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