Mask of Zorro (1998)

Mask of ZorroFour and a Half Stars

The original, starring Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones and Matt Letscher this is a great movie, highly entertaining and even a great family movie that you can watch over and over again. I thought so anyway, and I own it.

This is the story of the old Zorro (Hopkins) and his last ride to stop Don Alejandro and to help the people. Don Alejandro has done his homework and finds out the identity of Zorro. Soon after Zorro returns Alejandro is there, waiting to take him into captivity. Zorro won’t have it, puts up a fight, and in the flurry his wife is shot dead. Alejandro locks Zorro up and takes his only child and destroys his house and in doing so all of his life.

Fast forward twenty years. A new Zorro is in the making, a drunken swindler and his brother go from town to town, tricking people out of their money. They get caught by the law, and his brother is brutally killed, beheaded. With some luck, and past fortune, the old Zorro and this man meet up and start training, and the rest is just a fun action packed movie with a light heart to it.

Banderas is comical and cocky, and the stunt and swordfight scenes are in depth and amazing. I had never scene the old Zorro, but this was a perfect introduction point for me, a great movie to get me acquainted with the character and his mythos.

I can’t think of many people that wouldn’t like this movie, unless you are really hardcore into the violence and don’t prefer movies that are a little less serious about themselves. Rent this today, and enjoy it, and stay away from the sequel because you will be highly disappointed.

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