Mean Girls (2004)

Mean GirlsThree and a Half Stars

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Lacy Chabert, and a handful of other SNL alum, this movie kept popping up on my radar. Written by Fey, this movie gives us a parody of harsh young female interaction can be at the high school level.

Lohan is a new student who is just trying to fit in, when she is noticed by “The Plastics”, and elite group of three girls who are highly exclusive. Lohan’s friends want her to feign interest to get close to them and then somehow ruin them because of how mean the three of them are. But soon Lohan gets drunk on the power and attention herself, becoming what she hates.

This isn’t a particularly funny movie, the girls are all really pretty to look at, but is focused more on the caddy self centered attitude of these clickish girls. A pretty interesting look, and Fey is really funny in the movie just like she is on SNL which she writes for as well as is the anchor for “Weekend Update”.

The reasons to see this movie? If you have a girl that is just starting her teens, she would like this, or if you have a crush on Lohan (Before she was anorexic) or Rachel McAdams. An exaggerated view on everything, it could be a fun Friday night movie, just don’t expect to laugh as hard as I did.

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