Waiting (2005)

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Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, and a bunch of people you may have seen before but don’t really care about their names. This movie is one big parody of what life might be like for the whole staff of a popular bar type restaurant like O’Charlie’s. It pokes fun a the workers, the politics, and the corporate idea of a restaurant chain. But mostly, it is just humor about different body parts, sex, and other dirty stuff.

The movie revolves around one guy, and his decision about what to do with his life. He kind of accidentally ended up working at this restaurant, but is scared about taking the next jump. But a series of circumstances, seeing how one of his old classmates had advanced, being offered a permanent manager position, all make him stand up and really evaluate what he wants to do. In the end, he quits without a plan, but that is better than feeling stuck.

A funny movie, Reynolds is always a funny jerk and pulls it off great. This movie is really vulgar though, so I wouldn’t recommend it to all of my friends, and I don’t think that I would necessarily watch it again either. If you liked Old School you will like this, or you are into Ryan Reynolds humor. But otherwise, take some caution, most of the movies humor may be to far under the rim.

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