Without A Paddle (2004)

Without A PaddleThree Stars

Who’s in it

Seth Green, Matthew Illiard, Dax Shephard, Burt Reynolds

What was good

Seth Green plays a couple of roles really good, and in this movie, he played a super phobic doctor who wasn’t much of a risk taker and was this unlucky straight laced guy among a bunch of frat dudes essentially. Dax Shepherd had some funny lines as the womanizer of the film, but it was mostly Green’s character that was funny especially in the bear scenes. Illiard was not at all funny in this one, more of an attempt as dramatic, relatively speaking.

What sucked

I wasn’t that entertained. It isn’t a joke after joke type of movie, there is a touch of serious air about this movie, and I just don’t think I would watch it again.

Who should go see this

Fans of Seth Green will be happy, and I think it may be worth seeing once as a cheap rental on a Friday, or from the library from me. But I wouldn’t recommend this to most of my friends even as a super funny movie, so be cautious.

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