The Firm (1993)

The FirmFive Stars

Who’s in it

Everyone under the sun. Tom Cruise, Paul Sorvino, Gene Hackman, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ed Harris, Gary Busey, and Holly Hunter

What was good

Everything. Sarah says the book is better. I always say that is rubbish, they are two different mediums, only compare them in relatively terms not line for line. Twisting, turning, sadistic humor at times, this is a thriller without the elemental. Tom Cruis is an idealist lawyer that holds out for the best offer out of college. Little does he know that he’ll be working for the mob.

What sucked

Nothing. Acting was good, if I had to say anything, it would be that it looks as old as it is. It’s over 13 years old now, but everyone is at their best and this is not a predictable plot at the time.

Who should go see this

Everyone. It’s not violent, there is some language, but it is a great movie by a great writer (John Grisham), there is something for everyone. The good guy wins in the end, Tom Cruise’s appeal, it’s a thinking thriller, it’s engaging, and it’s a movie you could watch over and over.

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