The Road Warrior (1981)

The Road WarriorTwo Stars

Who’s in it

Mel Gibson, and a bunch of other wacky guys

What was good

I can’t think of much. I guess in a way how different the story is. There is nothing like it. It’s about a desolate wasteland destroyed by war in Australia where the few remaining people rule by motorbikes and cars, and they kill each other over fuel.

What sucked

I think this would have been something I would have appreciated more about 15 years ago. This is the second in a trilogy, and seems very dated, but I really don’t see the draw to how these films could have been so popular. Mel Gibson doesn’t barely do anything, he just drives over people. In this movie, I had a really hard time with the kid who only communicated by grunting and looked like Alf’s human baby.

Who should go see this

If you love Mel Gibson and have a commitment to see all of his work. But I wouldn’t recommend this movie to many people, I can’t think of similar movies I have seen to this, there is a whole genre, they are just slipping me right now. Bleak, desert setting, and off the wall plots, this is probably more a cult classic than anything.

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