The Transporter (2002)

The TransporterFour Stars

Who’s in it

Jason Statham, Matt Shultze, Qi Shu

What was good

The plot and most of the movie. The idea is, this ex-military guy drives people or objects without any questions to their destinations based on an initial agreement. If the initial agreement is broken, then nothing happens. Frank’s (Statham) attention to detail, martial arts skills, and nerves of steel make him an extremely compelling character.

What sucked

Not too much. The movie starts to get a little muddled in focus by the end of the movie, where it starts as Frank as the transporter, and in the end because more of a love story between him and Lai (Shu). Lai’s english was really distracting also, it was very broken and hard to follow. But if that sort of stuff doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry. I think this was originally released in England, so this one has a much more British feel, especially with some of the driving scenes, then the second one.

Who should go see this

There is violence in this movie as well, but I think that this is more along the lines of a James Bond flick, then a hyped Mission Impossible movie like the second Transporter. I would probably recommend this to my parents, and to most of my friends who like a compact, funny, action movie with some amazing stunts.

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