Underworld (2003)

UnderworldTwo and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy

What was good

Beckinsale as a kick butt werewolf hunter. The first 30 minutes of the movie before everything gets so muddled in backstabbing and back story.

What sucked

I knew I don’t tend to like vampire movies too much, and this wasn’t all that gory like the Blade movies could be. But, although this movie had some new things I had never seen before in this genre, I just got tired of the overblown action scenes with people flying around when being punched, and the growling at each other as a Lykin or Vampire, and the fact that most of the movie revolved around a new breed made from the two species, really, I could care less.

Who should go see this

If you like vampires or if you want to see Beckinsale as a vampire who hardly bites anyone, but runs around in skin tight leather and is vulnerable and convincing in her strange role all at once.

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