Beyond Borders (2003)

Rothe Blog Beyond BordersTwo and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, Teri Polo, Linus Roache

What was good

The last third of the movie, once the rescue missions are out of Africa and into Cambodia or old Russia. This is when the story becomes less about saving the people that are lost, and more about the two main characters saving each other.

What sucked

This is a dynamic movie and engaging, it is just covering content that isn’t entertaining, and that is the sick and dying in poverty stricken nations. The reality of it all is very depressing and disturbing to watch. Clive Owen was like every other character he has been other than King Aurthur, outspoken, brash, take whatever he wants, etc. etc. So, I don’t have anything particularly negative about the story, it is just not a movie I would watch again.

Who should go see this

I don’t know. Those who are interested in movies about humanitarian aid. I suppose this would be something for a fan of Jolie or Owen, Jolie does a good job acting, it isn’t too typical of a role for her, plus we know that this is the role that changed her views on life and led her to adopting to sons. She falls in love with Owen, the doctor after he breaks into a richy rich party in London, for his passion of saving lives and for his broken spirit, but it isn’t even really a love story. So, I would say, pass on this movie.

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