Chronicles of Narnia (2005)

Chronicles of NarniaThree Stars

Who’s in it

No one you know, many animated animals and Gabriel from Constantine

What was good

Very good job of bringing this story to life, from the main characters such as Aslan and the children, to the scenery and the fantastic sci-fi world, the wardrobe, the fully animated characters, etc. etc. Weta, that worked on Lord of the Rings, also worked on the costuming for this one as well. But really true to the book from what I remembered, and with Disney at the helm I think they watched over the intended audience. Having said that…

What sucked

Having Disney at the helm, and that this movie came after LOTR, I felt really bored through a lot of this movie. I know it is for kids, but I thought that it was awkward how far out of the way they tried to cut out most violence. Most of the violence is to animals, and they just fall over, and I am not saying you need that, but if you are going for a realistic subject for some of these animated characters, you need to go all the way not just pick and choose what makes sense to keep parents happy. Plus, this movie felt low budget at times, because watching this movie, it is hard to not compare it to LOTR, and in that class, you really have to equal or push new ground and that was hardly the case with this one. There were some funny green screen moments, and more tell than show at parts to really get a grasp for the characters especially the Ice Queen.

Who should go see this

I would recommend this to most people, because I think most will like this. Fun, adventure, magical and visual, and true to a great Christian based story. But for anyone who has particular taste you may not like this for your own personal enjoyment. Parents will love it, 20 somethings maybe not if you don’t have a Christian background and empathize in what the director was balancing.

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