Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireFour and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint with Jason Isaacs

What was good

Such a beautiful imagination and universe. I saw the first movie and was less than impressed. But as these movies get darker and older they appeal to me more. The magic, the wizardry with all of today’s great technology rolled into one, very visually stimulating and you are held there wanting to know where it is all leading.

What sucked

Not too much. I didn’t give this a perfect rating because I think, this is definitely a translation of the books and unless you know what is up with the books, you may be lost. There were parts where things jumped around and were left without resolution that I know the readers got it, but I imagine had to be cut to get the movie shorter. That is fine though, make it more entertaining and force people like me to read the books, that is how it should be.

Who should go see this

Everyone. There is a little of everything. Romance, spellbinding worlds of creatures, magic, props, locations, everything is just head spinning. This one had more of a Lords of the Rings feel to it for me, and I don’t know why, so there is another audience who may enjoy this. I think it is truly a magical movie and concept and everyone should at the very least start in on this series with this movie.

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