The Deal (2005)

The DealOne and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Christian Slatner, Selma Blair

What was good

Selma Blair. She was cute, likeable, a sweet girl that you wanted to believe could exist on Wall Street.

What sucked

Slatner’s acting. I don’t think that Hollywood knows what to do with him now that he is clean, I am surprised he even gets roles. In this movie you don’t get any background about him, you are left trying to figure out throughout the movie if he is a tool, or a nice guy trying to do something good, every other minute or so.

Who should go see this

No One. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Neither casting is big. The plot is kind of interesting to think about, it is a few years in the future, gas prices are over 6 per gallon and it is illegal to trade goods with the arabs states. What would politicians do to get the gas supply to people, and who would they kill? The movie is really disjointed and told not shown, so by the time you figure out what is going on, you don’t care.

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