Domino (2005)

DominoThree Stars

Who’s in it

Kiera Knightly, Mickey Rourke, Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills Fame

What was good

How they made fun of Ziering and Green, for starters. The style of the movie, the color, the elements and how it was shot was different and engaging. The opening sequence was really sweet too. The story was pretty good, pretty basic and quite a stretch to believe at times, but still something you don’t see everyday. Girl from preppy family goes awol and becomes a hot bounty hunter.

What sucked

The movie didn’t really keep my interest in a lot of ways, the characters were hard to relate to, everyone was a tough guy and the interaction didn’t seem very genuine. Knightly looks good with a couple of guns, but you never believe she is the character. Plus, you have seen the previews where they keep repeating the dialogue “My name is Domino. I am a bounty hunter.” It’s annoying in the previews and equally so in the movie. It just seems to be a lot of disjointed violence, double crossing, and stupid characters that don’t know which way is up.

Who should go see this

If you thought the previews looked interesting, you probably should feed the need and just see it. But I think the previews were a tell all, and if you weren’t hooked then, then you probably wouldn’t be at all. I can’t think of anyone but college guy friends I might recommend this one to, otherwise this movie barely got three stars for me. I wouldn’t watch it again.

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