Sparticus – TV (2004)

SparticusThree Stars

Who’s in it

Goran Visnjic, Rhona Mitra

What was good

I liked the idea of a remake, I loved the original and that says something since I hate most old movies. I liked that Sparticus in this movie acted more like a people’s ruler than a ruler among slaves, it seemed more realistic. I like most of the characters too, then seemed more believable in some ways then the main characters in the first movie. I think the battles were done better, more believable in a realistic setting, and you get a scope for how much of a threat these slaves are as they keep waging smaller battles and winning. I also liked the fact that they left out the Curtis line “I love you Sparticus.”

What sucked

Now, having said that I liked Goran as the people’s guy, I did liked Kirk Douglas more as Sparticus, he was more believable as this gritty warrior. I also liked some of the scenery better in the original, and I did like the end battle in the original better, more grandiose then this and Sparticus doesn’t die in battle, he is nailed to a cross. Not this one, I think it has less weight to nail one of Sparticus’ lackeys at the end. Marcus Crassus was a terrible actor and didn’t have the posture of fear that the original had. Most of the movie was spent bickering between politicians that all seemed insignificant.

Who should watch this

Maybe those who liked the original to have seen both, but you’ll probably feel like me, the ER guy can’t swing a sword. I would say in general pass, this is long at 3 hours, short for a TV movie, and really doesn’t hold a stick to the 60’s version with the dimpled Douglas Chin. But, Varinia (Mitra) was a lot classic of a wife for Sparticus in this movie, that just about makes it worth it? Ha.

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