V is for Vendetta (2006)

V is for VendettaFive Stars

Who’s in it

Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman

What was good

Everything obviously, check my rating. This movie is great on many levels, it was true to the story, it was a great translation to the movie genre, and it was very entertaining with a powerful message. Set in England in the future, in an England where people are ruled by why is implied to be a dictator and they don’t know how, one man in a mask sets out to make them remember freedom, to remember unopressed rule.

What sucked

For Christine who I went to see this with, it was a little slow to start. I knew what was going to happen, so I enjoyed the story buildup, and I didn’t think it was slow, but it isn’t always fast paced action and fight scenes. They concentrate on the story, which is so rare in movies today. A great literary work by Alan Moore, this is not about why the man in the mask as much as it is about symbol and his actions. Armed with only knives, this movie is about statements and not seeking out a fight. I will say the movie got quite bloody, especially at the end, so while parts of this movie can definitely be for an older child, it is like a light switch how violent parts can suddenly get. True to the story, of course.

Who should go see this

Everyone who has read the book. I wouldn’t recommend my parents to see this, but I think anyone from 20-30 could see this and enjoy it, there is a weird twisted romance that slowly develops, and you get to see some amazing knife play made by the Wachowski’s (Matrix). A nice use of effects that never once makes you think “Neo”, oh yeah, and the blow up Big Ben and Parliament in London, and that just kicks butt in a big way.

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