Saving Silverman (2001

Saving SilvermanThree Stars

Who’s in it

Jack Black, Steve Zahn, Amanda Peet, Jason Biggs, Amanda Detmer, Neil Diamond

Should you see this movie?

This was the second time I saw this movie, and I liked it a ton better the second time. Zahn and Black are two die hard retarded friends that want to save their other friend from a voraciously crazy girlfriend. She is controlling and a freak, so decide to kidnap her, and all sorts of crazy crap happens. I don’t think that my parents would like this obviously, but most of my friends would. To watch Black run around like a stupid ass fits in this movie a little better, and Zahn is the great balance of sort of normal guy with not quite all there. Biggs is pretty terrible like usual, but he sure does know how to pick friends and women. Younger crowd should see this, it’s funny.

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