The Alamo (2004)

The AlamoOne Star

Who’s in it

Billy Bob Thorton, Dennis Quaid

Should you see this movie?

No amount of popcorn and smiling coke polar bears could make this movie good. It took me three naps to finally make it all the way through, and even then I wondered why I wasted my time. Plus, I waited until the movie came to the library because I thought it would be bad, knew it would deep down, and even free I felt unsettled about it. Billy Bob is fairly believable as Daniel Boone, but Quaid overacts for a change, and the whole story may be true, but seriously, couldn’t they have taken some liberty to make it a litter more interesting and little more focused. It was like having the story told to me by a four year old. Don’t see this, it truly isn’t worth your time. If you are interested in the history, hit Wikipedia for 10 minutes and save yourself a couple of hours.

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