United 93 (2006)

United 93Five Stars

Who’s in it

No one you know by name, which is good for this movie

What was good

The insight you got from many other perspectives. The feelings of invulnerability, doubt, denial, and just seeing the reactions and confusing about what happened from those people. They barely found out what had happened before their plane had been hijacked. The terrorists hit fast and hard, knowing that we had become complacent as a nation. Their part wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t hollywood, in fact the final scenes for the members of flight 93 show the fear but the strength the possessed in numbers, and it made you proud to be an American. The other part of the movie that stuck with me, is the how the men looked who took over the plane. They blended in, these weren’t big bearded men with turbans like their wanted photos showed, but men who fit right in the public. That is scary.

What sucked

I didn’t think anything sucked, how could it. Based on a real life story. But I would say this. If you feel like you need more time, don’t see this movie, it is powerful and emotional. If it is all still too new, wait because this will bring it to the surface.

Who should go see this

I am biased when I think everyone should see this. Sarah was very unsure, and I thought just the opposite. These people were altruistic because they saved other lives in America, but to honor their families, you need to see this and what they went through. Honor their memories, and even though their identities aren’t highlighted, you get a good idea that terror isn’t picky, and it affects everyone. Powerful movie.

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