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Click (2006)

ClickFour Stars

Who’s Voice is in it (Who’s Not?)

Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Sean Austin, Henry Wrinkler, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff

Should you see this movie?

Yes, go to see this one, but keep in mind that the previews make this look like a typical Sandler movie when it really is half a funny Sandler movie and half of Punch Drunk Love somberness. In this one Sandler is an architect trying to get ahead, provide for his family, have enough time, the usual kind of stuff. He wishes there was some way he could balance it all, enter Walken, who gives Sandler a remote to fast forward, pause, basically control his life with a special tv remote. The problem being is that the remote remembers things, preferences, how he acted before, and does it in the future. This starts to spiral his life out of control and he misses large pieces of it, becoming an old man. As I said, the movie turns not funny half way in, and changes into a life lesson. But it is still an interesting idea and since it is funny it does make for an entertaining night, just be warned.

The DaVinci Code (2006)

The DaVinci CodeFour Stars

Who’s Voice is in it

Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen, Paul Bettany, Alfred Molina

Should you see this movie?

That is a good question. It was one of the two real blockbusters of the year based closely on one of the best sellers of a few years, a few years back. But if you have strong views on Christianity and can’t step aside for some fiction, they you won’t want to see this. Granted, it does mislead those who don’t know about Christianity, which is bad, and I can’t argue that really, so, I won’t. This movie follows the book very well. One of the few reads I’ve made in recent years, but I wanted to evaluate the movie based on the media and not listen to the stupid critics. I thought it was a good translation except for some small details they changed at the end that seemed to be strange details to change. But, it is a good story if you can enjoy it for that, and if you think you can, you may want to see this. But like Harry Potter, it is made for the book fans more, so you may feel a little lost watching it.

Buying the Dig Dug cabinet

I had seen a post in the Google groups about a guy just south of Dayton that was selling working Contra and Super Contra machines. I knew that a friend of mine wanted a Contra, and it was a good deal at $150 so I thought I would go and check it out, it would be a fun roadtrip.

I knew that I would be using a truck that had room for one more game, and when I got there I found that this guy had a ton of games in a barn in the back of his house. He was trying to move some games for really cheap, everything in the cab for $50. I told him I was also kind of looking for a Dig Dug game. He pointed out a Land, Sea, and Air conversion that he said was in a Dig Dug cabinet. It was painted solid black on the side, but a couple of scratches showed that the artwork was in tact underneath and with a lot of work and elbow grease, could be cleaned and restored.

For $50, I couldn’t pass it up and knew that it would offset my total costs, so I took it home with me.

The Break-Up (2006)

The Break-UpFour Stars

Who’s in it

Jennifer Anniston, Vince Vaughn, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman

Should you see this movie?

I think so. Funny movie, painful if you have been through a break-up in parts of it, but I think it was an original idea and the chemistry between Anniston and Vaughn was good, and Anniston’s acting was very good. At the end you could feel what she was going through, which is funny because I think it was meant to be a comedy. But it has a ton of funny parts, and Vaughn has really come into his own and established his brand of obnoxious humor which is very distinct. Plus, you have to see the parts with the singing brother Richard, they are hilarious.

The beauty of the flip – Tempest mini arcade game

Today I turned a heck of a deal. I found a lady local to Indianapolis who had a couple of games sitting in her garage. Her husband used to be an operator, but he passed away a couple of years ago. At that time, most all of the arcade and pinball machines he had were sold. But a Mr. Do! and Tempest remained.

I was lucky enough to come across this find, but I hadn’t ever heard of Tempest. I posted it on RGVAC to see what interest there was for a wood grain sided Tempest arcade game around the Indianapolis area. Offers came pouring in, and in the end I was able to pick up the game and flip it within an hour, and meet for the first time another local collector in the Indianapolis area.

The Tempest worked briefly when we plugged it in at the lady’s house. But when I arrived to sell it, and we plugged it in, smoke came pouring out of the back almost immediately. I hope that the other collector can get it working again, Tempest is a game he sought for quite some time somewhere in Indiana. An upright would have been better, but a mini at a good price would suffice.

Poseidon (2006)

PoseidonTwo and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Kurt Russell, Fergie, Emily Rossum, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfus

Should you see this movie?

Mmm, maybe if it is real cheap and you are bored. This movie was terribly average. The interaction between the characters were stagnent, and the pacing of it wasn’t comfortable. I personally can’t stand Lucas, and Russell was a mainstay again, the loveable dad figure with his beady eyes. Dreyfus as a gay brokenhearted man was the most interesting character of the bunch. There are some special effects that pale in comparison to Titanic, and even though there has been time between them, and they aren’t the same movie, I just know that hopefully this movie’s shortcomings are not because the original was weak also.