Taking off Land, Sea, Air overlay from Dig Dug

After reading something on the forums today, I got an idea. I read that, in many cases, operators would just apply a new overlay to an existing one. So that meant, potentially that the original Dig Dug overlay was still under the “Land, Sea, and Air” one. I went out into the garage, busted off the lexan covering, and ripped off the stuck on overlay. Sure enough, there was the original Dig Dug.

The overlay came off pretty easy, but left a very dense residue on the control panel. I tried to use some paint thinner without any luck. I will have to come back to the control panel I think either way, because the control panel underneath had new holes for different buttons, and other holes that were drilled out but left unplugged, must have been mistakes. I may need to just find a completely new replacement Control Panel.

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