My Super Ex-girlfriend (2006)

My Super Ex-girlfriendThree Stars

Who’s in it

Luke Wilson, Uma Thurman, Anna Faris

What was good

The core idea of a guy, who just starts dating a girl that happens to be a superhero. That, and the fact that she is a psycho, so to see what happens when a pyscho girl with powers is dumped. I did like it when she threw the shark at Wilson.

What sucked

This movie is what it is. You know it is going to be silly at times and outlandish. There were parts like the recycled super hero story, and actually the end animated sequence, that come to mind as bad. But, it was a short, entertaining movie at an hour and a half and for .50, it was worth that time.

Who should go see this

I think this movie is probably worth a 2.00 rental, not much more. The time is great, it is fun if you are a younger couple and are aware of the times and just are married or remember dating. I don’t think the older crowd would like this as much, especially anyone who doesn’t like the supernatural hero thing. Those types need to stay away just like you do with the regular drama hero movies like Superman and X-men.

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