Mr. Do! bought on ebay in Grand Rapids, MI

In late November, Justin turned me on to two auctions one seller was having, very close to Grand Rapids MI, for a Mr. Do and Mr. Do Castle. They were both going for pretty cheap, so I bid on both. But I didn’t want them that bad, they didn’t look that great or so I thought, and I was at the movie when the auctions were ending.

I ended up winning the Mr. Do machine, but not the Castle. That was a mistake. The Castle was in great condition with a great cab. The Mr. Do had issues. The cabinet was terrible looking, and the board would intermittantly stop working and would need an adjustment here and there to keep working.

Justin made arrangements and went and got the game later the following week. He worked on it when he could to test the voltages and try to fix some things. At one point I sent him a new Jamma connector for him to put in, and that seemed to help things. The fuse holder was partially broken, and in general, the game had seen a lot of use so it needed some TLC.

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