January 30, 2007

Only the second morning of work, I was starting to notice some of the puppy’s playful habits even at an early hour. I would walk out in my robe, not barely awake, put on my slippers, and everything was a chore. Two of the easiest things to get on, and he would have me work for it, biting my slippers and my bare feet, and in regards to my robe, if I didn’t get the sash up and out of jumping height, he was have that as his toy too. Then he would nip at my feet and run between my legs as I did the dead man shuffle out to the breakfast table.

Coming home from work to let him out was pretty normal today, he did his business with a little waiting. He ate his food, and had a lot of water, and I got to play with him some before I had to go back to work.

We played with him a lot when we were home, three days in a row he took up a good portion of our time, but there was one thing kind of odd, he didn’t eat very much, if at all at dinner. We thought for a growing puppy he should be starving, so we just filed it away and thought that it would just go away tomorrow.

We laughed a lot when we played with him tonight. We had kind of noticed this in the first few days, but each night he is getting more and more energy to play and sleeping in his box less. When he is up, he is extremely clumsy. He will lay down on the beanbag and then roll off onto his head, or be running and trip sideways and fall. The kitchen is difficult for his weak little legs, but most kitchens are, he just kind of slides everywhere, but we noticed especially that is target is really off when he goes to scratch himself either he can’t lift his leg up high enough, or he just misses entirely. It is just so stinking cute.

I was talking tonight to a friend of mine, and forgot that I had thought of another name during the day. I went upstairs to Sarah, who was in bed with the dog next to her reading, and told her I thought that Kellogg was a cute name. She seemed fairly indifferent, kind of saying it and trying it out, and I just let it sit as I went back to what I was doing.

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