Digging deeper on old ebay auction for rare Mr. Do!

I haven’t heard back anything from the people I emailed this week, but I found out something pretty damn cool today.

I was going through my auctions, and one of the auctions for a Dig Dug, was based out of Lynn, Massachusetts. I remembered that is where the Mr. Do that I first saw, that sparked this whole section, was sold on ebay. I saw that there was some feedback on the day that the auction was supposed to end (Nov. 6), so I emailed the guy. His name is Walt, and he got right back to me and was really nice. He did confirm that he sold that machine, and that he actually had another one. He sent me a phone number so I gave him a call.

Not only is it a dedicated one, but it is the same version, working and everything! I was pretty surprised, he said he got it in a bulk deal. Although exciting, there is always the consideration of the cost of the trip to get a game. Walt does have a basic website that I may try to do some bartering for him in design for him to take some photos of the sideart for me. I can never seem to separate actual value vs. what something is worth to me. I know if I resold the game, I would get about what he is asking for it, but with the travel (15 hours one way), the game would cost probably around 800, which I know I couldn’t resell it for that much.

Other information to note; I think there are two versions of the sideart, as you can tell from the photos. The one version is a conversion, a version of the dedicated, which spans the whole height of the cabinet. Walt has the one that spans the whole height, which is better anyway. It is a really long ways, and a lot to think about especially in this weather. He would have to hold onto it probably until early spring before I would even think about going out there to get it.

We have also thought about taking a St. Johns Lutheran related trip to Providence, RI in May. Lynn is only just over an hour away, so that may
be worth it to travel down and take the photos myself if he still has it at that point.

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