Gary knows a guy that is possibly selling the rare white Mr. Do!

Tonight I got an email from someone I had contacted earlier on, Gary, about his Mr. Do machine. He had sold his a long time ago, but out of the blue he emails me and says he found someone who has one, and mentions that he doesn’t want to part with it, but would for $400. I think that is a great price, but funny because I just found someone else myself who is selling one for the same price. So, I emailed Gary back for more information, I hope he is able to get back to me.

Gary emailed me back, it is a different guy and he is located in Pembroke MA, which is pretty much the same distance as the other one.

I also got photos today of the Mr. Do machine that is in Lynn, MA, and I was surprised that the sideart seemed to be rubbing off. It was a weird kind of wear I hadn’t seen before, so I asked Gary about this since he owned one of these Mr. Do’s previously. He says this was really common, that the Mr. Do white cabinet dedicated version would just rub off in your hands.

The other owner’s name is Rob Carroll in Pembroke, MA, who bought the game from the owner that Gary sold it to, so hopefully Gary will be able to find his email address for me.

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