February 10, 2007

In the morning we were around the house doing different things. But Sarah had wanted to get down to Petsmart and get Kellogg some new toys because his chewing needed to be controlled a little bit more. He was starting to chew on the entertainment center, Sarah’s grade book, and anything within reach. We expected no less, and figured we should probably get him some serious toys to show him we care because a sock with newspaper in it is kind of the cheap man’s doggie toy.

We came home with a toy that we named his “freezie”. It was a plastic based toy that you ran through some water and put in the freezer. It’s a teething toy that would get a little crunchy and make noise which would in theory interest the dog. For me, the thing resembled a little voodoo doll with all of the sown colors and miscellaneous strands coming off this way and that. We got a second things of rawhides since he had started or eaten three this week and it seemed to be a fun treat to get him. We also debated about getting his name tag. People had told us you didn’t have to register him, but we still wanted it for other obvious reasons. There was a deal with a form where you could send away for it, and it was cheaper and had no bearing on anything else so that was the route we decided to go.

Kellogg loved the new toy, and carried it around. It was pretty huge in his mouth, most of it hanging out, but I knew eventually that wouldn’t be the case and we would be buying bigger and bigger toys.

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