February 2, 2007

Kellogg was eating more this morning, which made us feel a little better. But, it was weighing on my mind what to do about his parvo test. As I have mentioned, from what little we know, it appears that waiting any amount of time can be fatal for a young dog, but leaving work for a day really isn’t a good idea either to have this sort of thing taken care of.

When I got into work I called two other veterinarian offices to try to do some fact finding. I didn’t get too much peace of mind, and what I kept coming back to was that Banfield had better hours in general than a regular vet office. I had been sick all week, so when my boss came in and heard what was going on, he told me to just take a half day, take the puppy in and get some rest. So that is exactly what I did.

I got home, fed Kellogg, and then rushed him down to Banfield to take his test. I held him close as I took him inside through the cold weather in his box. He was pretty restless in the office, whining and trying to get out of his box, and I had to reign him in. When the doctor came in she stuck a q-tip like thing in his rear end, and I held him as he yelped. Then, it was only a matter of waiting, it would only take 15 minutes to get results back.

Thank God, the results came back negative, I was relieved and I knew Sarah would be too. what this also meant was that since he had the shot earlier in the week, and this test came back negative we could get him on the wellness plan. This was a package they set up for new dog owners, especially geared towards puppies, to be comprehensive and take care of all of the shots, visits, and even the neutering for a very reasonable price we thought. We could go month to month, or pay up front for the whole year. I was still nervous, because of what had happened so far to do the year up front, so I just went month to month. It was the exact same amount either way.

Sarah came home right after school and was very happy to hear the good news. Kellogg just stayed downstairs with me. He was so sleepy and cute, I wrapped him up in my blanket and set him on my desk so I could watch him. We got some great photos of him sleeping upside down with his ear over his head.

We had some dinner, gave him some attention, and all snuggled for the rest of the night, watching some movies. Tonight was also the night that Kellogg got his first rawhide, and he just loved it. We loved watching him. I don’t think any toy he has had quite this response, he just chewed and chewed and did nothing else for the rest of the night until he had eaten it all. He would walk around with it, chew and make the squeaky noise, stand still and look at us with it hanging out of the side of his mouth like an errant doggie tongue, and he would even like to share it with us, climbing up on us laying down and working away at demolishing this resistant white flavored goodie.

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