February 3, 2007

We alternated spending time with Kellogg today, I was gone to the gym in the morning, and then home for a little bit with him before I had to go into work to help move and some other stuff. We both spent time with him after dinner and then we had to get back to doing some of our respective things. Later on during the night, we took our first new “family” photo of the three of us together because Sarah was making it up for the class she was taking. He was so cute, we couldn’t get him to look at the camera but it was nice to have a photo of us all together, it made it seem like our future was ahead of us.

Our cute puppy story for the day was, Sarah noticed Kellogg doing something odd in the kitchen. He seemed to be doing some sort of Army crawl around on the kitchen floor through the pegs on the chair legs. He went through two before he would wander sideways out into the family room. We have no idea what it was all about, but it wasn’t the last time that he did it, and it was cute, but didn’t make any sense.

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