February 8, 2007

Today Kellogg went for his first “walk”. This meant Sarah took him on his leash down half of the street running and calling to him most of the way. I think that he was pretty confused about what was supposed to happen. He wanted to follow, but why was there a long strand around his neck, and how long did we do this for? He has a pretty walk and run, his walk is a strong little trot and his run is tentative, I wonder what it will be like when he is older.

And to keep the firsts rolling, tonight was the first night that Kellogg whined at the back door, just a little bit, to go out and go potty. This was really encouraging. Sarah and I had discussed getting a little bell to hang back there, that we would hit for the sound as we went out to train him to do the same when he needed to go. But maybe he would let us know his own way all by himself. Again, what a smart little dog.

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