Mappy game in Warsaw IN

I have been monitoring this auction for a complete Mappy game in Warsaw Indiana. Only two an a half hours north of here, this is the closest I have ever seen any Mappy game. Now, obviously, I want this for my Jr. Pac-man conversion. As I have gone along, and talking more with Joe in Chicago and Richard in PA, I think I want my Jr. Pac-man in the original cabinet if at all possible. Right now I have enough projects to keep me busy so I can be patient.

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This auction already ran once in late Feb with an opening bid of $500. Now, not unreasonable, this is a fairly rare game, and fairly popular if Jakks games would have you believe. But for me, that isn’t going to be profitable for what I wanted it for.

I want to be able to remake my own Jr. Pac-man machine, or buy a working one, at an approximate total cost of $500. That might be impossible, but like I said, I can be patient and I also don’t think that it is impossible.

Now, they relisted the auction after no one bid on it the first time. They relisted it at $400. I had emailed them twice asking if they would consider coming down some from their price, but I didn’t get a response which is a bad sign.

There are still no bidders on it, and two other Mappy cabinets didn’t sell for a lot less on the East coast in the last month or so. One was going for an astonishing $150, and the other for $250. So, what I am hoping is, since this is a remote area to require a pickup only, that they still won’t have any bidders, and I can get them down even more, even to $300 and then bargin for the remainder.

$300 with travel would put me at a cost of $350 for the game. I could probably sell off the three parts, Marquee, Control Panel, and Bezel for at least $50, if not $100. That is the unknown, I don’t see them come up much on ebay so I assume they would generate interest, but I just don’t know. But, for me to reprint Jr. Pac sideart for the game at a price of at least $170, my cost would right away be over the $500 mark without the replacement parts like the board, etc.

It doesn’t sound like in the ad that they have to have a fire sale, and have to part with it, but I am hoping maybe I can barter something with them, because if they come down to $300, and that is a big “if”, I don’t think they’ll come down more than that.

And I really need this cabinet.

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