Pengo Updates from July 2006 – March 2007

I did a couple of minor things to my Pengo after I got it in July of 2006. I cleaned the outside of the cabinet, gave it a pretty good scrubbing down and vacuumed out some of the junk in the back underneath the pcb shelf and behind the coin door before moving Pengo into the house.

I knew when I got Pengo that the monitor had a broken neck, let me tell you, it was a fun sight to see and hear when turned on. So, I swapped that out into one of the cabs I resold and for awhile it sat without a monitor.

I finally recapped the G07 that I had gotten from my first machine, the Pac-man and planned on putting that in the Pengo. Only problem, horizontal frame and horizontally oriented. So, I had the take the tube and chassis and swap them into the frame from another vertically oriented monitor. I also had to drill some new holes in the frame so the ground lines could have something to screw into. It was a chore, but I got it done.

Then, there was the remounting. It was a pain taking the old monitor out, but it was busted so I didn’t care. But putting in a working one, I did care very much. So, Sarah had to help me screw it in as I held it in place. But, we did get it put back together.

The connectors didn’t match, so I had to use a different connection and cut the wire on the G07 for the power. That bummed me out, but wanting a working game was a higher motivator.

So, that took me into March of 2007, when the game was working with the terrible sound.

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