Testing Ms. Pac-man Power Supply

Today Kenny came over to work on all of the machines, including the Ms. Pac. We are going to start with testing the transformer, and probably all of the fuses.

We did determine that the marquee light is getting power, so the bulb, which doesn’t come on, is probably burned out.

He also figured out that the line coming off the power supply, an orange line that eventually ran to the PCB and powers that, seems to have a short. It was only outputting less than a volt, like .3. He did some testing with a jumper, but we blew some fuses, so for now he is going to take back what he learned and talk to other people and see what they think. But I think that is worthwhile discovery. It would explain why I was getting a white screen with a known working monitor, the PCB wasn’t getting power so hence nothing. But, I don’t really know, that is just a guess.

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