Using Pantone book to match Jr. Pac-man colors

Next door to my work is a print shop, so in the morning I went over there with my sample that Richard sent to try to do some color matching. It took a little time, but I feel really confident that I matched the yellow and the pink really close. The blue was pretty hard, and I didn’t find anything that was as exact as I would have liked.

These are the coated spot Pantone colors that I found were exact matches, or as I mentioned, best matches that I have found to this point.;

  • Yellow – 109 C
  • Pink – 674 C
  • Blue – Hexachrome Cyan C

Richard still thinks he has a piece of the sideart from a Jr. Pac that he restored, so he is still going to look this weekend to try to find that to match the final two colors. Otherwise, I suggested having him get some hardware store paint chips and finding those closest matches, then send those out to me and I can compare those chips with the Pantone color book.

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