Working on small things, monitor ID and photos of Dig Dug

Last night I did some things with the game.

I took out the Land Sea and Air board that was in the game (Taito game, not Atari unfortunately), which meant taking off a little block of wood as well. I took the Dig Dub PCB I had out to the garage to compare connectors, and it doesn’t look like it is exactly the same. There was an auction that ended today for an uncut Dig Dug harness, and I won so I have it just in case I need it.

I took some photos of the machine for the interested trader tonight as well, some close ups of the different pieces, some of the blemishes as well as the good stuff like the marquee and bezel. This morning I made up a list of my costs that I have put into the machine so far to see what my totals are.

Tonight I also got the monitor number down (20 – EZY) so I could order a cap kit. I found that the cap kit, according to posts on the Google forum and other places, is interchangeable with the (20 – EZV), so I placed an order with Bob Roberts tonight for that cap kit, and sent out payment this morning. He emailed me back tonight to say that he cross shipping the parts and I could have them as early as Friday.

Found out that my trade with this game would depend a ton on it working, this is a big deal in this instance even though I have everything, so I am trying to get my butt in gear to get it up and working as best I can.

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