First Mr. Do! photos from Rob Carroll

Today was a great day. As promised, Rob sent me some photos today. Now, in the past, when I have asked for photos from people, they have sent me one or two, but Rob knew exactly what I needed. He took the time to send me a ton of photos, almost 30 in total of the whole sideart and details of each of the individual pieces (apples, monsters, ice creams, etc.) He even sent me photos of the kickplate, control panel and bezel, which was pretty sweet too.

However, the machine, like the one Walt has, is pretty worn on the sides, the sideart barely visible in parts. I hope to work from some of what he sent, but some is too worn to even work with. The one really awesome thing is the bezel. The Mr. Do bezel has some of the exact character drawings on it that are on the side. The condition of the bezel is pristine, so I should be able to draw characters from there, and arrange them on the sideart. But I don’t think all of the characters on the side are on the bezel as well, so I think I will need to get some other supplemental photos to help me piece meal is all together.

It will be a process, but Rob has been great so far, and I was up for the challenge. I only know of two of these machines owned by collectors, so it is a miracle that I got any photos to begin with.

Before the night was up I traced the apple as best I could see in the photo. I asked Rob for some additional detail shots, and he said no problem.

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