Installing a new Dig Dug harness

Got out in the garage today and started putting in the new harness. I got most of it in, and took out the old one completely. I just braved it and assumed I could find all of the correct connections for each of the molex connectors. That is the great thing about this harness, there are no solder points, all plug and play. I think I figured out today though that I will probably need a connector for the coin door, the old one was cut off completely. Here are photos of the male end that I have on the harness.

Dig Dug Coin Door Connector 1Dig Dug Coin Door Connector 2Dig Dug Coin Door Connector 3

I am also starting to think that there is an audio board that needs to go with this, which really pisses me off that I am figuring this out now. I have to try to find out which one.

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