Buck Creek Winery, Mr. Do! control panel

After church we went back for our second visit to Buck Creek, and again it was much enjoyable.

We got back early afternoon, and I started right away in working on the cabinet. I had four sides to sand down, so it would take a while. And it did. I made some other arcade related calls, and ran a quick errand. We worked on it all afternoon, Justin helped, and he worked on the monitor chassis. After I finished sanding, I cleaned the bottom of the cab, a little bit of the top, and then the inside.

We took a short break to watch a movie about a school, the holocaust, and paperclips, and then ate some dinner. Then, finally, after dinner Justin and I had a fresh cabinet to start loading the Mr. Do guts into. I worked on the control panel, Justin put together the power supply. The first obstacle was the monitor, and we had to use the rails from my other cabinet, meaning I am short a set for a little bit. I hope to have another set next weekend.

The girls came outside for a little while to talk about our summer vacation plans, and we just continued working. There was a lot to do, and we didn’t get as far as we hoped. But by the time we went to bed after midnight, we had a Mr. Do that powered on with controls that worked as well. The picture looked great. The control panel needs a lot of work, setting the controls up permanently, but the main hard stuff is done, and it felt good to get that far. Said goodnight and probably goodbye to Justin and went to bed.

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