April 26, 2007

Nokes is now going up and down the stairs completely on his own. Sarah had been coaxing him down the stairs, and he seemed to do it with some reserve, but when we are both down there and he wants to hang out, he will brave them. It is really cute, he puts his front legs on the lower step and sort of slides his butt off the current one.

We gave him two liter pop bottles to play with, he seems to like those. He carries them around by the top. I have also noticed him getting more and more barky, he pants a lot now when playing outside, and really likes to jump up on you when you are playing.

He seems to have stay down pretty good, he knows his crate, so Sarah started last night to work with him on some new things, like shake and rollover. I don’t care too much about those as long as he knows the main stuff. But we will probably think about enrolling him in a puppy class in mid May sometime, butting right up to the end of her school year.

Nokes had his second set of shots today, and he also got his first bath and did really well. He didn’t squirm too much, and he didn’t wine.

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