April 7, 2007

Thursday I went down to Petsmart looking to see what they had available for dogs, but there wasn’t barely any. On Friday Sarah did the same, and nothing new. Late Saturday, I was working in the garage when Sarah came out and told me she had phoned the two Pet locations, and that Petsmart still had two dogs left for the second shelter there. She wanted to go, it was about time for them to leave (5:30), so we had to hurry.

The two dogs were lab mixes. The last thing I want is a lab anything, too much energy and too high maintenance. So, we went back to PAK to see if they had anything new by chance. The aisle was long, and stretched out ahead of us, and there in the distance, we saw one little brown puppy in a cage by himself. Both of us got tears in our eyes, he looking strinkingly like Kellogg.

I picked him up and let him roam around outside the cage a little bit, he seemed really calm. He wandered some, but didn’t show too much interest in me at all. We asked about him, apparently a litter was dropped off Friday night, all different colors. The in store vet thought that he was Terrier and Shepherd mixed, and after looking at some photos, we started to see the rat terrier in his ears.

We were still kind of debating about fostering him, getting him checked out for any major problems when the lady came over and said that if we wanted him, we could just keep him. If he went back with her, she’d have to put him in a kennel and she just wanted a good home for him. You can’t beat that, free, so we decided at the very least we would take him for now and have him checked out.

When we got him home he really warmed up to us. I noticed right away that he was quite different from Kellogg the more you look at him. He was a little bigger, and he seemed to have a lot more energy. But even though he has a lot of energy, he seems to be pretty calm and easy going, not too excitable. We boiled all of the old toys, and right away he seemed to latch onto the tennis ball and “Thing 1”, the Dr. Seuss character.

We had to do some running around, so we took him with us since we had just got back. So right away, he got to meet Kenny and Lori. I was pretty paranoid of him being in a house where there were other dogs, so we just held on to him the whole time.

Some of the traits we started to notice, he likes to hide. He will crawl behind me and the couch and just lay there and sleep, or chew on a toy. He also just loves the outside, he will dash around and have a grand old time. It is also really cute how when he runs really fast, his ear tuck down and it is like little leaps so close to the ground. He comes up to you, tries to bite at your face and just loves to jump.

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